Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate not working after TQi automatic firmware upgrades! Please help!

I have the Slash 4×4 ultimate, with the voltage, RPM, and temperature sensors installed. These sensors are working fine, as far as I can tell. The firmware is: TQi transmitter 2.1.56 TQI receiver 2.0.39 (both the transmitter and receiver upgraded automattically on first use…although, the ipod program did crash at the end of the updates. further checks for firmware updates say that everything is up to date. First of all, the Traxxas Link ipod program is not working very well. Not only does the Traxxas Link ipod touch software occasionally glitch out and restart, it often gets “confused” with the training mode. That is, I’ll have the training mode turned on in the Traxxas Link program for a little bit (set at 30% let’s say) and be driving around just fine. However, when I go to turn off tr

Title: Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate not working after TQi automatic firmware upgrades! Please help!

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  1. By: JazzmanSparks

    Also, if you don’t have the “telemetry ready motor mount” #6860A, you’ll have to place that, too. Remove the plastic cover in the sensor spot on the motor mount. Then, place the RPM sensor (#6520) into the designated space on the motor mount (I found it easiest to first place the Futaba style connector through the hole, and then pull it all of the way though to place the sensor in the rectangular hole/slot). Connect the #6520 Futaba connector into the “RPM” slot on the receiver.

    Good luck!

  2. By: JazzmanSparks

    Thanks. I check it out, and everything seems to be in order.

  3. By: drudisill

    Go to your Garage and Model Setup on your Traxxas Link. Make sure your info is correct in there. I’m not sure that will make a difference on how it actually controls. Just an idea.

  4. By: JazzmanSparks

    I haven’t found a website, video, or online manual from Traxxas as of yet that explains how these sensors go in. I basically just took apart everything to figure out where they go…

  5. By: JazzmanSparks

    For the RPM sensor, you’ll have to take the back end of the truck apart (remove the 4 hex bolts–see instructions), and gain access to the slipper clutch or the center differential assembly. There, you’ll have to attach the round “telemetry trigger magnet holder and magnet” (#6538 for a slipper clutch, or #6539 for a center differential) to the spur gear.

  6. By: JazzmanSparks

    You’ll need the Traxxas part #6541 (power tap connector), and connect the red female Futaba style connector with the red Futaba male connector from the temperature and voltage sensor (#6521). Then connect the gray male Futaba connector from the temp/voltage sensor into the V/T slot on the #6518 TQi receiver. The other Traxxas style piggy-back connector goes in between the male Traxxas plug coming off of the speed controller and the female battery plug.

  7. By: drudisill

    I just bought my sensors for my 2WD Slash. I installed the Temp sensor but I’m not sure how to intall the Volt plug to get the correct voltage. Also, I have no idea how to install the RPM sensor. Do you know where I can find a good video that shows how to do that or a manual somewhere?


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